Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Where To Ride Your Fat Bike

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So we finally convinced you to purchase a Fat Bike and you are the reason that it hasn't snowed in this winter yet in Buffalo!  Well I found an article that gives you some travel locations to bring your Fat Bike to the snow while we wait for our winter to start (and honestly I am fine with this weather until April 1st and Spring Conditions!).  Singletracks has posted 20 trails that you probably never heard of and some are "close" to WNY:

We began by pulling trail status data for trails that had been reported as “Snow: Packed” (the ideal fat biking conditions) at least twice in 2015. Once we had that list, we ranked the trails based on the number of winter check-ins they received, to find out which trails are the most popular–and hopefully, the best to ride. Especially with fat biking, having well-packed/groomed trails is critical, so the more they get ridden and maintained, the better.

So without further ado, here are 20 popular fat bike trails that you may have never heard of!

Now that you know of some trails and you don't have a fat bike hurry in today from 10-6 and check out our inventory.  Heck come closer to 6 and stick around for the Holiday Party as well!

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