Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bike Trail Happenings Around Buffalo

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Even though I live in the southtowns a lot of my miles take place within the city limits due to commuting to work.  For that reason I keep an eye out on stories about bike lanes, paths, and other news that make my commute safer and easier on a daily basis.  This morning on The Daily FACEBOOK I found a story about the Shoreline Trail and it's status:

Despite a limited maintenance budget, there are number of completed and ongoing projects being implemented by the City and the NYS Transit Authority that support maintaining the Riverwalk/Shoreline Trail.

But here is good news:

Recently completed projects:
  • Between 2010 and 2013, at the Outer Harbor Parkway from the City line (Union Ship Canal) to Ohio Street and the Lighthouse, the City completed landscaping and maintenance of bike paths and medians on both sides of Route 5.
  • The Ohio Street corridor was completed in 2014 from the Outer Harbor to Canalside. Maintenance conducted by the City includes cutting grass, shoveling snow, and picking up garbage.
  • For the Canalside Connector, on-street bike plans have already been approved as per the City bike master plan. The off-street plan needs to be clarified and there have been discussions to plan a route that connects right to the Shoreline Trail bike path. The real start of the Riverwalk begins at Erie Street. That connector from Erie Street to LaSalle Park, which is owned by the Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency (BURA).
  • Broderick Park improvements were completed this year, which include new additions such as railings, sidewalks, bike path, amphitheater, central overlook, concession building improvements, a memorial garden, Underground Railroad Freedom Walk pathway, north parking area, and additional landscaping.
Ongoing and future projects:
  • LaSalle Park Master Plan is in development with a final design expected within the next couple of weeks. The plan involves new trail signage, bike path improvements and expansions, and roadway improvements that are currently in design by the City. Construction is expected to be complete by summer 2016. Currently, the City maintains bike trail portions of the Shoreline Trail. The LaSalle Park portion of the Shoreline Trail will continue to be an important multi-modal connector for those traveling to Canalside as well as for those traveling to the northern parts of the City.
  • Niagara Gateway is under construction by the NYS Department of Transportation from Porter to Niagara Street (by the Peace Bridge). Construction will include new signage, pathway improvements, and lighting, and will be completed in 2017. After construction, the City will maintain the trail. In addition, for Niagara Street Phase III and IV projects, an on-street bike path is expected to connect some of the loose ends of the Shoreline Trail, including Busti to West Ferry and the International RR Bridge to Hertel. These are currently in design with no scheduled construction completion date as of yet.
  • The West Ferry Lift Bridge is under construction and is scheduled to be complete in 2016.
  • Updates to Unity Park are currently in design from Broderick Park to the International RR Bridge. Signage, pathway improvements, and lighting will be completed in 2017. Tow Path Park and Black Rock Canal Park are maintained by Erie County but the connector requires some paving/striping improvements, which has not yet been funded.

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