Monday, December 1, 2014

Dirty Dozen Hill Climb - WHAT I LEARNED

Canton Avenue - 37% Grade and possibly the steepest road in North America
I don't know when I first learned of the Dirty Dozen Hill Climb in Pittsburgh, PA, but a buddy of mine has done it the past 4 (including 2014) years and I got real interested in reading his take on them (just so you know he is one of about 5 or 6 out of 300+ that do this ride on a Single Speed and that is just darn impressive) and with my daughter having so many friends in Pittsburgh now from college it just seemed that one of these years I would be doing the "race".  It just so happened that this year worked out perfectly between family, work, and the weather!

#1 Lesson Learned - I am a bike junkie: When you put 300+ people together you are bound to have a huge variety of bikes in the area and you can believe it that this past Saturday my drool factor was on 10 seeing some of the rides out there.

#2 Lesson Learned - The Engine is a very important part of the equation:  There were people that conquered these climbs with platform pedals, toe straps, steel bikes, hybrid bikes, titanium bikes, aluminum bikes, carbon bikes, mountain bikes, fat bikes, and even a Tandem!

#3 Lesson Learned - Hill Climbing is 90% Mental:  If you doubt that you are going to make a hill well you just convinced yourself to quit trying.  In the above picture is Canton Avenue which is the steepest hill on the course (and quite possibly the steepest road in North America) and all I ever heard was that it will be more than 1 attempt to be successful.  Let me paint a picture for you - you are riding through Suburban Pittsburgh and you make a left turn up a hill.  You make the next right turn and you hear this loud roar and see the angle that which the riders are heading up on a road.  The roar gets louder and the adrenalin starts to flow even more.  You attack the hill and take in every cheer, shout, horn, or word of encouragement and you drive your legs down harder than you ever have before.  Don't ever doubt that you can do something and when it happens embrace that moment and live in it for a while because it is amazing!

#4 Lesson Learned - Western New York has some pretty good hills as well:  Being a southtowner and living where I do hill climbs are a necessity for me to get any type of ride in unless I want to do a 3 mile loop 20 times.  We have some great terrain to train on around here - all it takes is for you to get in your car and head down to the Chestnut Ridge Park area and pick a road - there will be a hill somewhere close by for sure.

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