Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tubeless Conversion Blog

The Finished Product
Saturday morning I woke up with an idea to swap some tires out to make them Tubeless for the upcoming Cross Season.  I had an extra set of DT Swiss Wheels laying around and figured this would be a great test for the conversion I had been contemplating.  I also knew Tom Seiler knew a lot more than I did about this so we set off exploring the opportunities.

Aren't they pretty!

I was charged with prepping the rims by removing the old rim strip and cleaning them off so that the new Tubeless Tape would have a clean surface to bond to.  Just some more wheel background - these have been on 3 or 4 of my bikes at different times and ran everything from a 2.1 Mountain Bike tire to a 28 Road Tire.  These were not new out of the box and are actually about 5 years old.

The tape going on wheel #1.  We put the tape on and then inserted the valve stem and aired them up.  There were some small leaks prior to the Sealant going in but we figured it was go time.  We popped the one side, put in the Sealant, sealed it back up, aired it up and started shaking and bouncing and spinning the wheel to get the Sealant spread around.  And it worked - they held air and I was pumped!  I did the second wheel and it was as easy as the first one.  We set them off to the side and before I left for the day I set the PSI to 40, took them home, installed my cassette, and took them for a ride around the yard to try and get them to burp.  Nothing happened and they are still holding air today.  Sunday I took the bike to a local park and rode some single track testing them out some more and it was awesome.

Pricing for us to convert your wheels to Tubeless is $100.00 without Tires.  Today there are a lot of tires out there that will work with Tubeless set ups and it is a nice way to have a couple of different options for Cross season dependent upon that weekends weather and conditions!  For more information or to set up an appointment to have your tires swapped over give us a call or stop by the shop!

Reverse Bike Auction

An updated BID BOARD went live Tuesday.  There were more bids out there and I know others are seriously contemplating making a move on the bike of their dreams.  What is holding you back?  You most likely cannot find the same models in a brand new bike at these low prices anywhere!

Take A Kid Mountain BikingComing October 4th is Take a Kid Mountain Biking. Keep an eye out on more details coming for this fun sounding event!

There is a new Valpak Coupon!

Don't forget we stock Assos Clothing & Accessories now.

CycloCross is happening this weekend.  Buffalo Ski Club will be hosting a race on September 14th and you can REGISTER HERE. There is also a new Mountain Bike venue that will be hosting the Harris Hill Hustle on September 20th in Gerry, NY (Just east of the Dunkirk area)

Indoor Race Series information is out. Click on the link to register and purchase ride credits.

Check out our Events Page for upcoming rides and events at Tom's Pro Bike. A September Maintenance Clinic is being held on September 17th. Go to our Events Page and sign up.

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