Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Reverse Auction Sale - CERVELO

Reverse Bike Auction

We are through our first weekend of the Reverse Bicycle Auction and there was some good activity at the shop over the weekend.  This Friday brings another round of reduced prices on some already great deals!  Hopefully we will be seeing our first board update as well so you can determine which bike is still available or which week it was bid on already.

Today we are going to highlight the Cervelo brand bikes that we have up for Auction:

At the start of the auction we had 10 Cervelo P2 & P3s and 13 R3, R5, S3 & S5s in stock.  MSRP ranged from $2,600 all the way to $10,000.  If the bike is still around the last week you can have them for close to 50% off of MSRP!

If you are in the market for a new Tri or Road bike and are interested in Cervelos then I would stop by the shop and check out our inventory!

Take A Kid Mountain Biking

Coming October 4th is Take a Kid Mountain Biking.  Keep an eye out on more details coming for this fun sounding event!

It may sound confusing but it really isn't. Look for your dream Lynskey Titanium Road Bike or a Specialized Carbon Cross Bike for the upcoming race season or even a Fuji Carbon Road Bike and see if we have your size. Come into the shop and take it for a test ride. You can bid it on right there for an upcoming week or pay that weeks Sale Price and bring it home with you. We are open from 10-8 to do test rides so stop by the shop and check out our inventory!

There is a new Valpak Coupon!

Don't forget we stock Assos Clothing & Accessories now.

CycloCross started Sunday August 31st with the Knox Farm race.  Buffalo Ski Club will be hosting a race on September 14th and you can REGISTER HERE.

Indoor Race Series information is out. Click on the link to register and purchase ride credits.

Check out our Events Page for upcoming rides and events at Tom's Pro Bike. A September Maintenance Clinic is being held on September 17th.  Go to our Events Page and sign up.

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