Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Change It Up Wednesday - BIKE INDUSTRY NEWS

Chris King R45 Disc Hubs
 Welcome back to Bike Industry News Wednesday.  With the release of 2014 model line information there is an abundance of promotional information out there but I figured I could start with a new hub from Chris King that is out just in time for a custom set of wheels for the upcoming cross season.  These are disc ready and will help you roll fast through the cross season which is just around the corner!

prototype ENVE SES aero tt triathlon handlebars

Next up is a Prototype ENVE Triathlon/TT aero bar set up.  This is just in the development stages but when it becomes available it will provide numerous adjustment points for you to find the most comfortable and fastest fit positions in your cockpit.

The Colnago CX Zero – the Italian frame-builders' first Classics-specific carbon frame. Those Campgnolo 80th anniversary wheels are just for show

Colnago is releasing the CX Zero Classics bike.  It is a full carbon frame built with the cobble classics in mind.  So if you do a lot of rough riding this just might be the bike for you.  Check out the sweet Campy 80th Anniversary wheelset (it is not typical on this bike but it sure looks good!)

The Venge continues for 2014. This S-Works model gets SRAM Red 22 with Hydro R calipers

Here is a photo of the 2014 S-Works Venge.  SRAM Red 22 will be stock on this beautiful race bike along with Hyrdo R Calipers.  This is just one of many changes for the Specialized line.  We will be posting information on bike options, wheelsets, and accessories in the coming months but I can tell you that this Venge caught my eye and if you are interested stop by the shop and talk to us about ordering one!

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